MIT SVS Programs are designed to groom the next generation of professionals who have the advantage of using the knowledge imbibed from Vedic sciences integrated with modern education and technology and applying it in contemporary areas of work and research that impact socially and benefit individually.

Research Programs

At several premier institutes in India and abroad, there is growing demand for people trained and articulate in both Indic and western disciplines.

Hence MIT School of Vedic Sciences has developed a technology lab to facilitate research into Indian knowledge systems and their contemporary applications and offers PhD programme in Vedic Science.

This is a 5 year programme with 1.5 years course and 3.5 years of inter disciplinary research.

Name of Program Duration Program Highlights Skills Acquired
PhD in Vedic Science 5 years 1.5 years course, 3.5 years research Expertise in inter-disciplinary research
  • Audience : Graduate students and working professionals.
  • Eligibility : Any Bachelors’ Degree, preferably with mathematics exposure.
  • Subjects : Knowledge Engineering, Behavioral Science, Administration (Political and business - Artha Shaastra), Jyotisha (Math) and Ayurveda (Wellness).
  • Career Options : Multi-disciplinary R&D, teaching, industrial consultancy

Masters Programs

MIT SVS post-graduate programs are designed to groom the next generation of ambassadors for Vedic Sciences – those who can study and authentically articulate the Indic scientific tradition, and bridge the gap between Indian and modern scientific discourse. Specifically, those who can perform independent, application-oriented study of Vedic concepts for modern times.

Masters’ Programs in Vedic Science and Applications under SVS

Bachelor's Programs

MIT SVS Integral Psychology program is designed to groom the next generation of holistic counselors, psychotherapists and leadership coaches who are armed with the best of modern and ancient insights into human behavior. This program enables the student to become a professional in this field with the ability for independent practice as well as further research.

Bachelors’ programs in Modern Subjects Augmented with Vedic Perspective:

In the first year of launch (June 2017), SVS offers the following inter-disciplinary degree programs

Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses in Vedic Sciences (common to all disciplines) :

The MIT Art Design & Technology University currently offers education in several contemporary subjects including Music, Art, Film, Theatre, Design, Engineering and Management Programs

o students of those programs, SVS offers foundational courses that introduce vedic knowledge streams, vedic thought and its evolution.
  • Certified working knowledge of Vedic Scientific tradition, contributions and their application.
  • Proficiency in Samskrit,
  • Yoga Psychology,
  • Mimaamsa (Ontology),
  • Nyaaya (Indian logic).

The foundational courses are intended to ramp up students to appreciate and utilize the vedic perspective towards knowledge, learning and inquiry. It will also impart skills for accelerated learning and critical comparative study

Main Stream Programs

The school of Vedic Sciences also augments existing programs of The MIT Art Design & Technology University in several contemporary subjects including Music, Art, Film, theatre, Design, Engineering, architecture and Management Programs .

To students of those programs, SVS offers stream-specific courses that impart the Vedic perspective in their area of specialization.

When students graduate from their Bachelors’ they earn a degree in their mainstream specialization which ensures their employability. At the same time, they are much better equipped by also knowing the vedic perspective to create a larger social impact.

These Programs will be launched over the next few years.