New Course by Indic Academy & SVS

After the highly successful workshop at IIT Roorkee on “How to Study Indic Shaastras”, SVS now offers it as an online certificate course, jointly with Indic Academy during Jan 7-21, 2018.

This course is especially suited to mainstream-educated audience who are curious to know the scientific underpinnings of India's knowledge base first-hand. In this course, you will learn :

  1. The rigorous scientific method of Indic shaastras (scientific treatises), and how they compare with the approach of modern science.
  2. The anatomy and rigorous method common to all Indic shaastra texts.
  3. How to navigate shaastras to research a specific topic by yourself.At the end of this course, you'll be ready to dig into Indic scientific texts in various fields without needing a formal degree in Samskrit.

Come explore Indic shaastras. The time is ripe!

Course fee: INR 4800

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