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Ms Sujata Potay
Academic Consultant for Psychology Programs, MIT SVS Self-Actualization Facilitator, Relationship Coach, Transpersonal Psychotherapist INNER HORIZONS, Hyderabad

Ms. Sujata Potay is a Workshop Facilitator & Transpersonal Psychotherapist in private practice in Hyderabad, India. Since 1991, she has worked with individuals, couples, parents, families, & groups, curating rich clinical and facilitating skills. Her earnest pursuit of learning and love of teaching has evolved into a one-of-its-kind experiential course 'Art & Science of Self-Actualization' which she has designed and taught since 1995. The course has 300+ graduates, many of whom are in active practice as psychological counselors and executive coaches.

Ms. Sujata’s unique approach to therapy & facilitation combines the best of ancient eastern wisdom and modern western psychology, notably Jungian & Eriksonian, Vedanta, Zen, Tao, Gestalt, Yoga, Art & Movement, Group Therapy, Psychodrama, and Process-Work. She is passionate about instructional design and has a natural talent for creating playful experiential activities. She enjoys facilitating workshops that evoke powerful insights about complex & abstract concepts, as well as personal takeaways for participants.

During her 5-year stay abroad, Ms. Sujata trained in Past-Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss & (the late) Dr. Roger Woolger. She attended Dr. Bert Hellinger’s workshops on Family Constellations, a unique and powerful technique for trans-generational healing. She also has certifications in Kinesiology, Heal Your Life, Hypnotherapy & Pranic Healing.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Ms. Sujata is a gold medallist from Osmania University for her M.A. in Psychology. She has an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru and is a Life Member/ Fellow of reputed professional bodies in her field. Currently, Ms. Sujata offers corporate & public workshops customized to meet specific client needs.