Indic Reasoning and Debating


Credits: 3

L-T-P Ratio: 3-0-0

Hours: 45

Course Designer: Prof. Dr. V. N. Jha

Objective: To study the Indic approach to robust reasoning, Science of debate, Logic, Analyzing statements, Right and wrong inference, Valid sources of knowledge, Proof, Logical fallacies, Decision-making and Critical thinking

Prerequisite: None

Expected Outcome:

  1. Develop capability in analyzing thought by analyzing language
  2. Develop the art of reasoning and argumentation
  3. Develop rational thinking
  4. Develop the skill of debating
  5. Benefits to any knowledge domain which involves the process of inferring and deduction, particularly for lawyers, judges, programmers, theoreticians, statisticians, weather forecasters, journalists, technical professionals and many other professions related to knowledge and research
  6. Exposure to classical Indian intellectual, philosophical and spiritual culture


  1. Background
  2. Indian Logic: Prachina and Navya Nyaya
  3. Capturing the universe through language
  4. Communicating through language
  5. Structure of an entity
  6. Relations
  7. Properties
  8. Core
  9. Process of knowing truth
  10. Knowing directly
  11. Knowing indirectly
  12. Theory of inference: Logic
  13. Convincing oneself
  14. Convincing others
  15. Form of argument
  16. Good ground to establish the claim
  17. Invariable concomitance
  18. Bad ground to establish the claim
  19. Fallacies
  20. Nature and form of a debate
  21. Rules of debate
  22. Rules of disqualification in a debate