Courses Overview

As a part of the Institute of Indic Knowledge Studies (IIKS), the following online certificate courses are open for enrollment for the August-December 2018 semester. Those courses, which do not have a date mentioned against them, will be open for enrollment in near future.

Expected Outcomes

Indic Thought Model-1: This course introduces the Indic method of inquiry of reality, reasoning and theorization in the Nyaaya-vaisheshika, Saankhya and Mimaamsa approaches. If you’d like to jump right into the scientific foundations of Indic Knowledge, this is for you.

Contemporary Issues in Indic Knowledge Studies: This course brings clarity to the term “Indic Knowledge Studies”. It provides the perspective of “Indic Knowledge Studies” as distinct from the present Samskrit studies of Indian universities; various Samskrit-related western university courses such as Indology, South Asian Studies, Religious Studies, etc; and shaastric studies of the Gurukuls.

Indic Philosophy of Life: This course enables the participant to understand the spirit behind the so-called “Unity in Diversity” in the demographic patterns, settlement patterns, and inter-group interactions of Indian society, and the way in which that can help in the contemporary world as a role model. It helps to understand the spirit behind the lifestyle or day-to-day life of Indians from a Vedic perspective, and to understand the ideas about life before death and life after death that govern the motives of individual and social actions of Indians.

Samskrit-1: This course is the prerequisite for becoming an insider to Indic knowledge studies, viz. How to think and feel in Samskrit natively?

Structure & Method of Indic Shaastras-1: This course enables to develop the ability for independent study of Indic shaastra texts to explore contemporary relevance and to navigate Indic texts for concept search and knowledge mining applications. It helps to paraphrase Indic shaastra content to novice mainstream-educated audience.

Foundations & Facets of Ethics: This course gives the Vedic perspective of the philosophical foundations of all profession-specific ethics such as business ethics, medical ethics, engineering ethics, media ethics, design ethics, etc. It separates the analytics (siddhaanta) side of Vedic ethics from its normative (vidhi) side that gives the impression of a “religious code”.

Course Streams

Course Numbering Convention

SVS course numbering based on the above categorization is as follows. Courses are numbered in the style “VSTsnn”, where T denotes the course type (A, F, S, R), s denotes the broad Indic stream of study, and nn denotes the serial number of the course within that stream. SVS uses stream id s=‘0’ to denote generic preparatory courses.

Miscellaneous Topics Indic Knowledge Streams
Subjective Sciences Objective Sciences Knowledge Sciences
Aesthetics Behavioural Science,
Wellness Ecology, Engineering Jyotish
(Indic Math)
Knowledge organization, Communication,
Linguistics, Logic
VSx0xx VSx2xx VSx3xx VSx4xx VSx5xx VSx6xx VSx1xx

How to Enroll?

  • Fill and submit the online application form on the link:
  • Once the schedule of a particular course is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email. Then pay the course fee (mentioned in the table) via online transfer to the bank details below and note down the transaction reference number, along with a screenshot of the online transfer confirmation page.
    • Account Name: MAEER’s Institute for Indic Knowledge Studies
    • Bank: Bank of India, MIT College Branch, Pune
    • Account No: 053010110012942; IFSC: BKID0000530
    • Account Type: Savings
  • Inform SVS of your payment details by sending an email to
  • You will receive an email from SVS confirming your enrollment. This will be your payment receipt as well.