Master's Certificate Program in Vedic Sciences


This bundled course is designed under the Institute of Indic Knowledge Studies to groom the next generation of ambassadors of Vedic Sciences, who can study and authentically articulate the Indic scientific tradition, and bridge the gap between Indian and modern scientific discourse. The objective is to specifically groom a generation of experts who can perform independent and application-oriented study of Vedic concepts in modern times.

SVS’ strategy is to impart Vedic Science education at a level more suited to modern audience. Instead of focusing on deep shaastra expertise, SVS has designed its curriculum and programs to familiarize modern professionals with the methods used in Vedic Sciences and equip them through all foundational courses, with interpretative skills to enable Indic scientific studies (including learning Samskrit) and practical application. Moreover, this Master’s Certificate offers the much needed flexibility in the pedagogy, which the busy professionals are looking for.

Value Proposition

Knowledge of relevant aspects of Vedic Sciences is increasingly being valued in many mainstream careers, which enables a person to look at any issue holistically leading to sustainable outputs.

  • Multi-disciplinary R&D – Several opportunities at IITs and institutions abroad for Indic science experts
  • Teaching – Growing number of universities (especially outside India) looking for faculty that can teach both modern and ancient perspectives comparatively
  • Consultancy – Management, counseling, executive coaching, construction, aesthetic design, etc.


Admission Criteria

A short write-up called ‘Statement of Purpose’ indicating specific area of interest in Vedic Sciences – This is followed by a phone interview.


Bachelor’s degree in any discipline – Prior knowledge of Samskrit not required

Curriculum Outline

Fee Structure

Total tuition fee for the entire program is INR 66,000 (USD 1,000), payable in up to two installments.

How to Enroll?

  • Fill and submit the online application form on the link:
  • Once the schedule of a particular course is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email. Then pay the course fee mentioned above via online transfer to the bank details below and note down the transaction reference number, along with a screenshot of the online transfer confirmation page.
    • Account Name: MAEER’s Institute for Indic Knowledge Studies
    • Bank: Bank of India, MIT College Branch, Pune
    • Account No: 053010110012942; IFSC: BKID0000530
    • Account Type: Savings
  • Inform SVS of your payment details by sending an email to
  • You will receive an email from SVS confirming your enrollment. This will be your payment receipt as well.

Important Dates

Applications accepted throughout the year. But those applying after the last date of joining this batch, will be admitted in the next batch.