PG Diploma in Applied Vedic Psychology


Enhance the effectiveness of professional psychotherapists via holistic Indic psychological understanding and skills for clinical practice drawn from Yoga, Ayurveda and Aesthetic principles


Modern psychology is increasingly drawing from India’s Vedic wisdom for effective handling of psychological issues. Many practicing psychologists are relying on additional insights from traditional sources for helping their patients effectively. This is because they are realizing that Indic understanding of human psychology is deeper and more holistic for better diagnosis. A popular indicative trend is the recourse to Yoga for addressing psychological problems. However, there are several unexplored principles in Indian wisdom that can be applied to enhance the effectiveness of clinical psychology. Today, this knowledge is only available in fragments in several places with no coherent and systematic treatment with academic rigor. Professionals need practical techniques that are validated and time-tested to deploy in real-world practice.

Value Proposition

This professional development diploma program fills that void. It offers comprehensive, systematic training in Indic concepts of psychology to those already proficient in modern psychology. It augments this theory with readily deployable therapy techniques for real-life clinical/counseling practice. Its uniqueness and novelty comes from (i) drawing those techniques from diverse Indic disciplines including Yoga, Ayurveda and the Indic sciences of beauty and emotions, and (ii) presenting them in an easily graspable and deployable manner without the need to spend years in study.

Target Audience

Clinical practitioners, psychotherapists, social workers, industrial consultants, coaches, mentors and counselors

Benefits to Attendees

  • Boost your effectiveness in clinical psychology and counseling with value-add certified skills
  • Become an expert in a field that is gaining global attention and demand


  • Lectures: 2-hour classes every Saturday and Sunday (4 hours/week)
  • Tutorials: An 8-hour day per month of guided practicals on campus, for 4 months
  • Evaluation (60% internal, 40% external): One quiz every 2 weeks, assignments, term project, and final exams in December and May
  • Vedic Counseling Skills: Experiential workshop over 5 working days in a semester

Admission Criteria

Admission will be based on a written Statement of Purpose and an interview.


  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • Postgraduate degree in any discipline
  • Highly preferred: Work experience of 4 years in an area related to human behavior such as psychology, social work, coaching, counseling, leadership

Curriculum Outline

Assuming 15 work weeks per semester, and 1 credit equals 15 hours of effort.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee for this program is INR 47,500 per semester (a total of INR 1,42,500 for the entire tri-semester diploma), payable in up to three installments.

We have hostel facility for students (limited seats within the campus and more available just outside the campus). They are available on a first-come-first basis. The hostel fee (including accommodation and food) is INR 1,25,000 per annum and laundry facility fee is INR 8-10,000 per annum. For booking hostel accommodation, the contact person is Mr Shrikant Kulkarni (Email:, Phone 7447444029).

Admission Procedure

Here are the steps for being a part of this unique and innovative program:

1. Online application form: Fill the MIT-ADT University’s online application form.

2. Statement of Purpose: SVS will respond by email asking for a short write-up called Statement of Purpose. Reply to that email with your write-up.

3. Provisional admission offer from SVS: You will be either interviewed over phone,or get an admission offer via email.

4. Acceptance email: Reply to the email to indicate your acceptance (or otherwise) of the admission offer sent by SVS.

5. Retainer fee (within 1 week of receiving the admission offer email): To confirm your admission, please pay the provisional admission fee of INR 15,000 via online transfer (bank details below) or through a DD. Inform the UTR number of the online transfer along with a screenshot of the bank transfer page to SVS via email.

  • Bank details for online transfer: Account Name: MIT-ADT University – MIT School of Vedic Sciences
    Bank: Bank of India, MAEER Rajbaug Branch, Pune
    Account No: 062521110000024
    IFSC: BKID0000625
  • Once the payment is received, the provisional admission of the applicant will be confirmed over email.

6. Document verification (before the 1st day of the semester): You must physically visit the MIT Loni campus once, with the original certificates for verification. This needs to happen before the first day of the classes. The university reserves the right to cancel admission and refund the retainer fee if verification fails.

7. First semester fee (before the 1st day of the term): Pay the remainder of the first semester fee, i.e. INR 47,500 – INR 15,000 = INR 32,500. You are considered formally admitted at that time and need to visit the campus for SVS orientation once for three days in the first week of the term. Classes will start in the 1st week of August.

Important Dates