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Prof. Nagaraj Paturi

Former Senior Professor of Cultural Studies FLAME University, Pune

Prof. Dr. Nagaraj Paturi, has contributed two new Vedic Science ideas.

  • one: Breaking the belief held till then that theoretical foundations of Panini’s Ashtadhyayi were not there/known, he established that the very purpose of Bhartrihari’s Vakyapadiyam was to provide the universal theory of language underlying Ashtadhyayi and proposed that theory as Paniniyan Linguistic Theory
  • Two: He created a new Vedic model of Myth-study, bringing out and combining Vedic Cultural Anthropology, Vedic psychoanalysis, Vedic philosophy and Vedic Aesthetics/Poetics.

For the last 30 years, he has been teaching Vedic Aesthetics/Poetics as applied to Classical Literature, Traditional Indian Grammar and Modern Linguistics to post-graduate level students parallel to his university career in cultural studies specializing in folk-classical (Vedic) interface through his fieldwork based research. He has been teaching courses in Cultural Studies related courses such as Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Semiotics, Cognitive Cultural Studies etc. to students of Design, Communication, Classical Dance, Business Management etc. employing Vedic Science approaches in suitable portions of the course.

He has been the co-convener of Veda Vijnana Vedika which is an organization dedicated to popularizing Vedic Sciences through monthly seminars and occasional symposiums.

He completed several own, collaborative and consultation research projects and has around 35 publications and 45 paper presentations to his credit.

Trained in Sanskrit by his hyper-polyglot, polymath and spiritualist father, he is seriously committed to the transmission of Vedic Sciences among the present generation.