Samskrit, the oldest language of knowledge in the world, is considered to be the most scientific of all and is being increasingly recognized as the most suitable one for computing.

Samskrit is India’s gift to the world. Apart from its better known contributions in the areas of literature, dance, drama, holistic medicine, astrology, architecture and spiritual practices, Samskrit holds vast treatises of knowledge in diverse areas including economics, sustainable development, governance, logic, management, personal development, taxation, metallurgy, astronomy, mathematics and physics.

To delve into this trove of knowledge, it is necessary to learn the language in modern context. There is rising interest in learning Samskrit in the western countries, particularly those in Europe, right from the school level.

MIT SVS endeavours to play its role in once again bringing this divine language into the mainstream to create a win-win situation. Presently, a master’s program in Samskrit is being offered. More programs will be added in the coming period.