SELF Workshop – Skills for Education, Leadership and Fulfilment

Achieve Success without Burnout – Discover your true calling, overcome lacunae and improve productivity
Efficient and empathic leadership plays an important role in achieving fulfilment and success in both personal and professional life, for students and working individuals alike. But key attributes like empathy and a holistic way of achieving fulfilment are often neglected in modern education. The unique “Skills for Education, Leadership and Fulfilment” (SELF) workshop, is an elective offered by MITSVS and fills this gap and gives a fresh perspective to soft-skills development. It has been a big hit among the teaching fraternity. The next batch of this experiential workshop will be held for faculty and students of management, engineering, design and psychology in the academic year 2018-19.

Value proposition: Success without Burnout
Ability to be deeply aware of one’s inner propensities as well as empathy determine how a person navigates the vicissitudes of life to achieve ‘success without burnout’. The SELF workshop hones crucial aspects like self-awareness, deep listening, empathy, communication, influencing and counseling with a hands-on approach. It is a one-of-a-kind interactive fun training in soft-skills, which sharpens observation at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels and enhances relationships. It will also help in terms of inter-personal skills and leadership. The workshop blends the best of Vedic and western principles of psychology.

Rationale – Why SELF?
Most interpersonal and attitude issues can be distilled down to a person’s empathy or the lack of it. Empathy is keen awareness and sensitivity to the unexpressed thoughts, feelings, motives and experiences of others. It is a crucial trait for most professions, especially those dominated by human interaction such as teaching, counselling, mentoring, HR, medical practice, leadership, art, design, architecture, law and journalism.

Important takeaways for personal and professional life

  • Experience a sustained positive regard for self and others through enhanced self-awareness, identification of personal space and values, self-discovery, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and responsibility
  • Derive fulfilment by creatively using knowledge and skills through understanding of interpersonal patterns and personas, effective communication, trust, patience, conflict management and avoidance of JADA trap by ensuring non-Judgmentality, non-Attachment, non-Directiveness and non-Assumption

Commenting on the utility of the workshop, Dr Sai Susarla, Dean, MITSVS said, “Empathy is a subject that ancient Vedic wisdom explicitly deals with in a comprehensive way and can be directly leveraged for effectiveness in daily life. SELF workshop enhances emotional intelligence and improves productivity by making talented people motivate themselves, helping misplaced people find the matching career for their passion and helping hard working people to improve their efficiency. Further, all 3 categories can attain fulfilment by engaging deeply with their work and with others.”

The earlier batch of SELF workshop conducted for college faculty, in association with Ms Sujata Potay of Hyderabad-based Inner Horizons, highlighted the difference between teaching and facilitating. Teachers were guided to become channels through which knowledge should flow without burden. Different teaching and facilitating approaches and healthy relationships with students and colleagues were dwelt upon.

  • Priya Kale, a participant, said, “The workshop allowed us to look within our self and focus on targets. I am now also able to spend more time with family. I have started listening carefully and have improved my patience. Students feel free to discuss their problems with me now.”
  • Another participant observed, “It has helped me become more compassionate and empathic and can manage emotions better. I now enjoy even small events, which give joy and have an optimist view towards life.”