• Have you always been fascinated by the divinely melodious Samskrit language and the healing powers of Ayurveda and Yoga?
  • Does the mysterious yet interesting realm of Chanakya’s Arthashaastra and the gripping and wisdom-filled storyline of the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat and the timeless philosophy of Bhagawad Gita grab your attention?
  • Have you ever wondered about the rising interest in Indic knowledge among the Western countries?

If answers to any of these questions are YES, then our online courses in Vedic Sciences would interest you. Read on to explore a whole new world of possibilities in professional as well as personal life!

Value Proposition

India has been home to a vibrant scientific culture and knowledge tradition that helped it remain a developed country for millennia. Many of its insights are being discovered to be highly relevant even today – in mathematics, linguistics, logic, aesthetics, psychology, management and wellness sciences to name a few. SVS offers a series of bridge courses to equip students and professionals of modern education with working knowledge of India’s scientific methods and contributions, so that they can enrich their perspective and innovate in their own careers.

All streams of education and careers will increasingly draw upon the sustainable ways adopted in ancient cultures such as the Indic, since their holistic nature provides the key to solving contemporary problems. Hence, those well-versed with the knowledge and application of relevant Indic sciences will stand to gain in their respective careers.

Target Audience

Professionals, corporate employees and individuals of any modern scientific discipline, who are interested in understanding the Indic perspective and augmenting their area of specialization in mainstream careers with valuable, relevant and time-tested knowledge.


  • Minimum educational qualification is of 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Working knowledge of at least one Indian language (reading, writing and speaking).
  • No prior knowledge of Samskrit language is required. A short refresher course in conversational Samskrit (Samskrit-1) will be offered free of cost to those who need it, to create the basic foundation.


The design and delivery of SVS’ certificate courses are tailored specifically for modern-educated seekers of Indic knowledge by shaastra experts who also understand the strengths and limitations of modern education. As such, instead of requiring the student to memorize content first, SVS uses the latest pedagogical techniques such as conceptual overviews, application-oriented study, illustrations and mind-mapping (e.g., providing a top-down view of concepts and their interrelations) to help seekers rapidly absorb and retain information for quick reference during research.

The certificate courses will help professionals and working individuals with modern educational background to quickly ramp up to explore Indic shaastras. Specific courses offered include immersive learning of Samskrit – both conversational (building on the style of Samskrita Bharati) and technical, Indic science of logic, aesthetics, ethics, knowledge systems and method of inquiry; subjects that readily appeal to science-educated minds.

Course Types

  • Appreciation courses that introduce an aspect of Vedic Science highlighting contemporary value, and kindle interest to attend a full course. They typically have no load outside class attendance. Their course id is the form VSAxxx.
  • Foundation courses that are common prerequisites to study any Vedic Science. They include Samskrit, basics of India’s native education system, its methods and branches of knowledge. Their course id is of the form VSFxxx.
  • Stream-oriented courses that delve deeper into Vedic subjects relevant to a specific modern discipline. Their course id is of the form VSSxxx.
  • Research courses that involve doing a research-grade project in a specific area. Their course id is of the form VSRxxx.